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Thread: ResponseDataSetAdapter Errors

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William Brookfi...

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ResponseDataSetAdapter Errors
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  Posted: Jun 12, 2014 9:48 AM
Migrating from XE5 we have a ResponseDataSetAdpater tied to a RestResponse. When the Response comes back with Data that has records and matches to the RootElement it works fine. But if the response comes back with an error and the Json does not match to the RootElement, you now get an exception. In XE5 it just ignored the data and did not populate the dataset attached to the ResponseDataSetAdapter. Now If I make a rest Request that should return records, but my request returns an error message rather than records, my program gets an exception in the Rest.Execute.

Should I now code to ignore Invalid Json Root Element Errors? Is this a bug?

XE6 is becoming a real challenge
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