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Thread: access violation issues - related to DRC files

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Lukasz Popiela

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Registered: 4/30/12
access violation issues - related to DRC files  
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  Posted: Apr 10, 2018 4:40 AM
Dear All,

I've been experiencing issues with nit correctly build executables in a project I'm working on already for some time now.
I'm using Delphi 2007.
One day after making a build executable started to behave strangely giving access violation errors.
What I found is that I can go around the problem by putting a breakpoint in a first line of code in a method when called causing that error, then after simply going though that line in debugger everything is behaving correctly again (executable can be run outside the IDE and all behaves correctly).
What I found is that *.DRC file directly after the build and after stopping with breakpoint are different (even so I use Debug configuration for Build itself also).

I understand that during every build made DRC file is produced and differences can happen (order of resources, different values for them depending on the build process etc.)
I see some values are the same, some are different and the biggest difference I see in the paths (relatives and absolutes).

example lines from DRC files below:

#define IdResourceStringsCore_RSConnectTimeout 63776
#define IdResourceStringsCore_RSAlreadyConnected 63777

/* C:\MedisoftWin2007\Expair129\Db\DataMod.DFM */

#define SOAPConst_SNoErrorDispatch 63776
#define SOAPConst_SEmptyStream 63777

/* Db\DataMod.DFM */

To be honest not sure if those which looks like comments are even taken into account, but after spending already some time I make no more assumptions.

I really run out of any ideas what can be wrong over here.
I don't think that the code itself cause that, it was not changed and was performing correctly, I know that theoretically it could be working by coincidence until now, but it wouldn't explain why after debugging executable is fixed by some miracle.

If you need any further details how my project or IDE is configured please let me know and I can check what's required.

Thank you very much for all your help and ideas what can cause such behavior.

Kind regards,

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