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Tag: com

Messages tagged with com: 50
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Subject Author Forum Modification Date
COM object written in C#, Consumed in Delphi and in C++ Builder C++ Language Mar 17, 2018
.NET COM object not being created for Service Application keagle Interoperability with .NET Feb 28, 2018
C++Builder 10.1 シリアル通信コンポーネント COM Port HmComm miumiu-san C++ Builder Feb 17, 2018
Re: DXE6 - Class not registered error Using ActiveX Jan 29, 2018
Localized Automation Server Roberto Meneghini ActiveX Dec 14, 2017
Localization not working when app installed in Program Files (x86) Roberto Meneghini Localization Dec 12, 2017
Re: Accessing .NET DLLs from Delphi [Edit] Non-Technical Sep 6, 2017
.Net Assemblies/WSDL Import Utility for Delphi Interoperability with .NET Aug 27, 2017
Re: Importing a .Net DLL into a Delphi 10 DLL project IDE Aug 22, 2017
Re: GAC'ed VB dot Net assembly not appearing under Registered assemblies Interoperability with .NET Aug 17, 2017
Re: Unable to talk correctly to a .NET SOAP webservice Web Services Aug 17, 2017
Re: Using System.Security.Cryptography from MS .NET in Delphi Installation Aug 17, 2017
Re: Managed C# DLL in Delphi IDE Aug 17, 2017
Re: Can I import a .Net assembly that is NOT in the gac? IDE Aug 17, 2017
Re: Including a .Net DLL in a Delphi project IDE Aug 17, 2017
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