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Subject Author Forum Modification Date
Weird UI Bug - Huge Toolbars Taking Up Most of Top C++ Builder UI Non-Technical Aug 23, 2017
How to open a custom file extension from Whatsapp ? FireMonkey Jul 19, 2017
Generate .exe file with file text as parameter C++ Language Jul 10, 2017
How to display character '|' as part of TComboBox->Hint ? FireMonkey Mar 5, 2017
Crashed at TIdUDPClient ReceiveBuffer() if UDP server side not running. FireMonkey Feb 16, 2017
Error detected (LME288), Unable to perform link, LAMARKER stable ? IDE Feb 15, 2017
Alternative API of Application->ProcessMessages() for Android and iOS ? FireMonkey Feb 13, 2017
Is C++Builder supporting UWP development in Windows Phone 10 and XBox One? Microsoft Compatability Jun 27, 2016
ClientToScreen && DrawFocusRect - Someone is telling fibs. DaveLink Microsoft Compatability Feb 23, 2016
[ilink32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file '.LIB' (C++Builder XE6) msvilans IDE Jan 18, 2016
CBXE8 - UnicodeString and wchar_t* parameter passing, any different ? FireMonkey Nov 23, 2015
CBXE8 - How to pop up form DIRECTLY to assigned location on screen ? FireMonkey Nov 19, 2015
Very slow OpenGL in Buider 2009 AmperNr1 Graphics Nov 16, 2015
CBXE8 - How to get the parameter arguments from FMX Windows Desktop ? FireMonkey Nov 15, 2015
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