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Tom Brunberg
Name: Tom Brunberg  
Registered: Dec 27, 2004
Total Posts: 304

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Re: Now for the next step..
Delphi » VCL » Using Components, Nov 24, 2015
Is it possible? SelLength := 0; -- Tom Brunberg firstname.lastname@welho.com
Re: App.Trap; ??
Delphi » Language » General, Nov 23, 2015
Has me puzzled att. Ian, Now I'm puzzled ;). You have the source! What type is App declared as? (M...
Re: test a dynamic array value
Delphi » Language » Win32, Nov 20, 2015
Adalberto Hi Adalberto, Because dynamic arrays are always indexed starting with 0. Thus your array...
Re: Delphi 10 Formatter..
Delphi » IDE, Nov 14, 2015
Ian Ian, In Tools - Options - Formatter - Delphi - Line breaks Look for 'Line breaks before single...
Re: Minimise a form but not the App??
Delphi » IDE, Nov 14, 2015
I ended up using the Form1.Visible property. Ian, ... which is almost ;-) the same as 'Hide' and '...



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