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Tom Brunberg
Name: Tom Brunberg  
Registered: Dec 27, 2004
Total Posts: 315

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Re: TShellTreeView Not able to find in any file location
Delphi » VCL » Using Components, Jan 20, 2016
Thank you Siddharth, I answered your question on Stack Overflow. There is no need (and it is not f...
Re: Form appearance problem
Attachments, Jan 20, 2016
So why do you think that happen? Mehmet, It seems you have a bigger font in the Win7 image. The te...
Re: Is there a way to chocke the message window at a successful build?
Delphi » IDE, Dec 31, 2015
Happy New Year! To you too, Q -- Tom Brunberg firstname.lastname@welho.com
Re: Message display while program continues...
Delphi » Language » General, Dec 11, 2015
If not, appreciate suggestions as to how my aim may be achieved. Ian, No need for a thread here,...
Re: Can I disable the stupid paren auto complete?
Delphi » IDE, Dec 3, 2015
parens around things by myself. William, You did not say which Delphi version you have, but I assu...



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