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User Profile for Asger Joergensen
Asger Joergensen
Name: Asger Joergensen  
Registered: Nov 18, 2008
Total Posts: 370
Total Questions: 18 (6 unresolved)
Location Horsen Denmark
Occupation Programmer / Carpenter
Biography Started using BCB1 1995, Have used BCB3 and BCB5, Now I use CB2009

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Re: Array working different in Android vs Windows
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Feb 7, 2018
or am I missing something else completely ? I assume XE8 is unicode and therefor you should use w...
NumberPicker like on Android ?
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Jan 15, 2018
Hi Is it possible to make a number / string picker in FireMonkey that looks like the native Android...
Re: Scroll thumbs don't appear
C++Builder » VCL » Using Components, Jan 15, 2018
FileName); in both cases. Best regards Asger
Re: SIZEOF returns more than datatype should be
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jun 22, 2017
Hi hoang I think you should try using: #pragma pack(push,1) Best regards Asger
Re: VCL Windows TSplitView Issue
C++Builder » VCL » Using Components, Jun 15, 2017
the forums. There is a special group for attachments:


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C++Builder » IDE, Nov 26, 2016
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How to get rid of extra window in Form Designer
C++Builder » IDE, Nov 26, 2016
Hi How to get rid of extra window behind the form in the free floating Form Designer, because a...

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