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Jouni Aro
Name: Jouni Aro  
Registered: Sep 4, 1997
Total Posts: 86

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Re: Delphi 10 Seattle install Windows 10 now errors on startup
Delphi » Installation, Jan 15, 2016
their plugin that is causing the exception. The actual problem is with the Castalia plugin, which ...
Re: OT: Good Java books?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Feb 5, 2015
Any suggestions? I recommend, Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. Although it does not help you to th...
Re: The ANSI String Challenge
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 27, 2014
AnsiStrings, Unicode strings or arrays of bytes. One could say that text is what you can use in em...
Re: Security of Delphi remoting frameworks
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 21, 2014
BIS controls exports and reexports of commodities, technology, and software to support national sec...
Re: Security of native code mobile apps
Delphi » Non-Technical, Oct 21, 2014
source code was quite readable and tracable, even with default names. It is very well readable by ...



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