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Andrew Law
Name: Andrew Law  
Registered: Nov 6, 2002
Total Posts: 74
Total Questions: 3

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Re: TwineCompile - Anybody using this?
C++Builder » RTL, Nov 6, 2017
Thanks! At the company I work for, all the developers use this, we consider it an essential add-on.
Re: Is it necessary to synchronize simple variable for threads?
C++Builder » C++ Language, Dec 14, 2016
CN I have always understood that even "primitive" operations like assignments or tests on a bool v...
Re: Problems after upgrading ,my own component package
C++Builder » VCL » Writing Components, Dec 6, 2016
And in Release mode it gives me these error: Sorry, nothing to suggest on that one.
Re: Best language book for C++ builder?
C++Builder » Non-Technical, Dec 6, 2016
Back in the 90's I used to use Turbo C++ (and Turbo Pascal) but after the release of Delphi I prett...
Re: getline function with string argument
C++Builder » C++ Language, Oct 25, 2016
This works in our code base across 2010 10.1 inclusive - where the ifstream is passed as an argum...


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Debug Visualizers in C++
C++Builder » IDE, Aug 10, 2016
Hi, At our company we're considering developing some visualizers for STL containers. I'm looki...
XE7 - iOS Device - Debug - "unable to install package. (e800003a)."
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Feb 13, 2015
Hi, I'm trying to run a reasonably simple app on a new iOS device, attached to my pre-existing Ma...

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