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Martin van der Plas
Name: Martin van der Plas  
Registered: Jul 14, 2002
Total Posts: 57
Total Questions: 1 (1 unresolved)

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Re: Windows Memory management
C++Builder » C++ Language, Apr 13, 2018
My experience with memory errors is that the application will just crash rather than throw an except...
Re: Linker throwing error LIB266 - any idea what does it means?
C++Builder » C++ Language, Apr 5, 2018
Thanks. I have already tried that, but it's the same. As you can see in the log, the linker (or is ...
Re: RAD Studio Tokyo 10.2.3 released
C++Builder » Installation, Mar 14, 2018
Just a heads up, the platform selection in this installers appears to be broken. It won't install it...
Re: Unresolved external
C++Builder » IDE, Nov 1, 2017
Is this with the clang or the classic compiler? I found that clang sometimes has trouble with code ...
Re: C++ Builder 10.2 1 error linking
C++Builder » IDE, Oct 19, 2017
This can happen if you use delay load DLLs in your project. As a workaround, you can use ilink32.exe...


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RAD Studio 10 CLANG-32 auto dependencies
C++Builder » IDE, Sep 3, 2015
Hi, I'm having some trouble with source file dependencies. The CLANG compiler does not seem to reco...

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