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Roy Lambert
Name: Roy Lambert  
Registered: Oct 21, 1999
Total Posts: 333

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Re: Using paszlib with Delphi 2007?
Delphi » Language » General, May 25, 2016
Bo As Rael says - Abrevia - free and works in D2006 (I'm using it) Roy Lambert
Re: Object field NIL even though created in constructor (D2007)
Delphi » Language » General, May 23, 2016
Bo All I can think of is that you're using recursion with overloaded versions of a function and th...
Re: Exectable VERY Slow to Run
Delphi » IDE, May 20, 2016
Jeffrey Different environment (D2006, W7x64, 256Gb SSD) but similar problem. In my case I have Mad...
Speed hit
Delphi » Language » General, May 19, 2016
Using D2006 I've just written a small function to clean up a bit of HTML that HTMLViewer isn't to h...
Re: Best way to make sure an event has fired ? [Edit]
Delphi » IDE, May 12, 2016
Fred I'm guessing it has something to with code not show but why not just have your event call the...



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