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Melissa Torn
Name: Melissa Torn  
Registered: Apr 30, 2009
Total Posts: 143
Total Questions: 65 (13 unresolved)

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Invalid Column Reference
InterBase » General, Apr 23, 2018
Re: Case When
InterBase » General, Apr 21, 2018
I solved the problem Thank You
Case When
InterBase » General, Apr 21, 2018
Computed Field
InterBase » General, Apr 9, 2018
I'm trying to create a computed field which shows Year & Month like : 2018/04 I created a compu...
Re: Recourse not found
Delphi » Language » General, Apr 2, 2018
Thank you so much Peter. I need to show more than 1 forms (not auto created) at the same time Is t...


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Algorithms, Feb 27, 2018
In My ClientDataset IBANNO field In some records are like 9000 8851 0001 (There may be empty stri...
Excel To StringGrid
Delphi » OLE Automation, Apr 26, 2016
I have below code it works (**transfers datas to stringgrid**) but at the end i am getting below e...
Sending MAPI Mail with cc
Delphi » Winsock, Sep 11, 2016
I am trying to send a mail to both a recepient & also cc. With below code i can send to just Re...
Import from XML into a Table
Delphi » XML, Mar 3, 2016
- I export the datas of a table to an XML file - I empty ( delete all records ) the table no...
Unassigned Code
Delphi » Database » dbExpress, Apr 17, 2017
I have SQL.D.Provider + SQLDataset+CDS+D.Src,+ DbNav. My SQL Dataset.CommandText:= 'SELECT * FROM ...

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