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Robert Triest
Name: Robert Triest  
Registered: Mar 24, 2005
Total Posts: 667

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Re: Delphi's Ruined Me!
Delphi » Non-Technical, Mar 8, 2018
You said "and never looked back". It looks like you did in fact look back.. You have to, if you wa...
Re: Powercut and Loss of Code :(
Delphi » Third Party Tools » General, Mar 7, 2018
Autosave editor and project (on every compilation) Most important feature of the IDE..
Re: XML - Null value for node
Delphi » XML, Mar 5, 2018
You can try: if((PosizioneImp.ChildNodes[j].NodeName = 'node2') and (not VarIsNull(PosizioneImp.Ch...
Re: FireDAC + FB connection at client site.
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Mar 4, 2018
GetCurrentDir is the last opened Dir of a procerss in Windows by the user. "retrieves the current di...
Re: Bank debiting code
Delphi » Non-Technical, Mar 1, 2018
I really would appreciate any suggestions.. With only the specification: "an app that will enable me...



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