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Robert Triest
Name: Robert Triest  
Registered: Mar 24, 2005
Total Posts: 553

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Re: How Do I get This Setting Back?
Delphi » IDE, Jan 18, 2017
Try to change your layout by selecting the layout combobox on top of the IDE menu: The location of ...
Re: ZipFile example?
Delphi » Database » General, Jan 12, 2017
Thanks in advance for any help. The FileInfo[x] returns a ZipFileHeader record with all info you a...
Re: What is the best local (no installation required) FILE BASED database
Delphi » Database » Drivers, Jan 11, 2017
Re: OOP beginer
Delphi » Object-Oriented Design, Jan 10, 2017
As a replay from procedure TFrmVisual.btnDoClick I need to populate 12 Labels. The same as above, ...
Re: OOP beginer
Delphi » Object-Oriented Design, Jan 9, 2017
Also maybe like this: TConversion = class private FString1 : String; FString2 : Str...



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