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Sean Hoffman
Name: Sean Hoffman  
Registered: Mar 28, 1999
Total Posts: 126
Total Questions: 13 (3 unresolved)

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imbue broken() in 10.2 Update 3?
C++Builder » C++ Language, Apr 15, 2018
#pragma hdrstop #pragma argsused #ifdef _WIN32 #include #else typedef char _TCHAR; #define _...
Re: IOS Pull-up menu? [Edit]
Delphi » Platform Specific » iOS, Oct 20, 2017
Have you tried using TMultiView? I have not tried TMultiView, but I do not want the settings page ...
Re: IOS Pull-up menu?
Delphi » Platform Specific » iOS, Oct 19, 2017
Find hints, tips and tricks at Delphi Worlds blog: Hmm having a hard t...
IOS Pull-up menu?
Delphi » Platform Specific » iOS, Oct 19, 2017
Does anyone have any experience making an IOS Pull-up menu for things like settings?
GestureID value is 264 on a press and hold
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Aug 20, 2017
Hey folks I'm trying to capture a press and hold gesture on IOS 10.x. I've noticed there's a igPres...


Recent Questions:
C++ Builder Seattle- Link error LME288. Can you reproduce?
C++Builder » C++ Language, Sep 17, 2015
Greetings folks, can anyone reproduce the following: 1. Create a new blank 32 bit Windows FMX app...
Enable Batch Compile puts object files in the source directory
C++Builder » IDE, Oct 6, 2016
Berlin 10.1 Update, building iOS 9.3 64 bit app. When I enable "Enable Batch Compile", the .o files ...
Help- vclie keeps getting added to my FMX iOS project
C++Builder » IDE, Jul 20, 2016
I keep deleting it from the project file, but something keeps adding it back. It's causing the follo...
TIdHTTP handling of AcceptEncoding gzip, deflate
C++Builder » Internet » Socket, Nov 15, 2015
Hey folks, just wondering does anyone know if Indy automatically handle gzip, deflate? Meaning, if I...
XE10 Seattle Debugging Third Party Delphi Library
C++Builder » VCL » Using Components, Jan 5, 2016
The library I'm trying to debug is the generally excellent TMS library. I'm statically linking and n...

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