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Arthur Hoornweg
Name: Arthur Hoornweg  
Registered: Jun 2, 1998
Total Posts: 375
Total Questions: 29 (6 unresolved)

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Which process has a DLL open?
Delphi » Native API, Oct 16, 2017
Hello all, does anyone know how to find out (in source code) which processes have a certain DLL loa...
Re: Firebird, Ado and transactions
Delphi » Database » General, Aug 31, 2017
I've just licensed the IBProvider OleDB driver for Firebird and I'm happy to report that it doesn't ...
Firebird, Ado and transactions
Delphi » Database » General, Aug 24, 2017
Hello all, I am in the process of making a very large existing ADO-based application compatible wit...
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jul 25, 2017
should be aware of surrogate pairs. IMO UTF-8 is the best encoding for storage/transport (ascii...
Delphi » Non-Technical, Jul 20, 2017
properly work with it. Unfortunately Unicodestrings/Widestrings are UTF-16 and there are charac...


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Registered users download is down
Developer Network » Website, Jun 15, 2015
Hello all, any idea when the "registered users downloads" section will be up again? I need to r...
IDE: possible to display attributes in a different color?
Delphi » IDE, Apr 29, 2016
Hello all, I'm working on a piece of code that makes extensive use of attributes. I find that my ...
Remote debugger of XE2 totally broken in 32-bit mode?
Delphi » IDE, Nov 25, 2015
Hello all, a colleague of mine needs to remote debug a 32-bit VCL program that was developed in D...
XE source code formatter ruins anonymous methods. Any way to prevent this?
Delphi » IDE, Mar 25, 2015
Hello all, the source code formatter of Delphi XE has a way of uglifying my anonymous methods. It...
Change hotkey for code folding?
Delphi » IDE, Mar 20, 2015
Hello all, In my Delphi XE IDE, I use the "Fold Regions" menu item a lot because the editor has t...

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