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Robert Griffin
Name: Robert Griffin  
Registered: Jun 1, 2003
Total Posts: 97
Total Questions: 11 (6 unresolved)

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Trying import into an SQLite Table with a Blob_Text Field
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Feb 7, 2017
One of the CSV fiellds I import has a notes field, which in the past I use to get errors in Delphi 5...
while not eof do... Next with SQLite
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Jan 27, 2017
I am going through my whole table to make changes to some fields and am not getting what I am expect...
Re: Best way to display a progress bar when importing with FDBatchMove
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Jan 27, 2017
all leaners, doers, teachers. (R Bach) This is my first app since Delphi 5. Would you mind giving...
Best way to display a progress bar when importing with FDBatchMove
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Jan 27, 2017
I thought I had this worked out at one time, but no longer. I tried to update a progress bar in the ...
Re: BatchMove is very slow to start Moving
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Jan 27, 2017
What the heck is the BatchMove or Reader doing before importing and how can I keep it from making m...


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I wrote a little MacOS app that will restart my app if needed. But when I went to add it to my Deplo...
Only having one instance of your program running at a time, Win and MacOS
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 15, 2017
If a user is already running my application, I don't want a second instance starting. I have seen th...
Getting all Program Version info for Windows and Mac incl copywrite info
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 12, 2017
I am looking for a way to get all of the version resource information for Windows and Mac. IOS and A...
Converting a YYYY-MM-DD SQL date to a M/D/YYYY Date
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 6, 2017
In Windows, I have been using VarToDateTime() to convert these type of dates. It does a great job co...
How to center a TDialogServiceSync.MessageDialog where I want it centered?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 4, 2017
In Delphi 5, I used this code on my main form for all of my MessageDlg boxes. Not yet being familiar...

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