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User Profile for Cezary Ziąber
Cezary Ziąber
Name: Cezary Ziąber  
Registered: Oct 14, 2014
Total Posts: 9
Total Questions: 1

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unresolved externals after adding #Include "glew.h"
C++Builder » C++ Language, Dec 28, 2016
I'm trying to make my game work for windows. (now it works for android) The thing is i used Eclips...
std::function [bcc32 Error] E2316 'function' is not a member of 'std'
C++Builder » C++ Language, Dec 27, 2016
So i installed rad studio berlin to make my androig game compile on windows too (i just included gam...
After rebuilding a package that has my component, it doesnt show up
C++Builder » VCL » Using Components, Dec 27, 2016
So i have a TIMOStateButton component (written in delphi) for my own purposes I recently installed ...
Ole Automation (Excel) set cell border
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jun 19, 2016
Hi, first of all i couldn;t find proper subforum. I need to set a border for few cells in excel usin...
Can't refer to a TCheckBox on a form (Access violation Read at addr:000000)
C++Builder » IDE, May 8, 2016
Checked == false) // where ADDPERSONEL is the second form Is there any way to fix that, or do i ha...


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public TThread problem when loading data from hdd
C++Builder » Native API, Sep 14, 2014
Hello, everyone i'm new to the forum i wanted to ask about TThread that is: I am currently loading ...

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