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Peter Below
Name: Peter Below  
Registered: Dec 16, 1999
Total Posts: 1,147
Total Questions: 1

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Re: Delphi 10.2 Not usable with "large" projects.
Delphi » IDE, Oct 17, 2017
Or ? These are peer support forums, not official Embarcadero support. If you want that you have t...
Re: testing unicode and codepage compatibility
Delphi » Language » General, Oct 17, 2017
Unicode and expect initial and final Unicode string to be identical. This usually works, but there ...
Re: Subclassing TSpinEdit
Delphi » Language » General, Oct 17, 2017
for some type of files? The package files on disk are named with a version suffix for the Delphi v...
Re: Combine multiple little projects into one project?
Delphi » VCL » Writing Components, Oct 16, 2017
Thanks and regards, Do you want to get one single executable at the end? This is doable, but it ma...
Re: Subclassing TSpinEdit
Delphi » Language » General, Oct 16, 2017
Your best bet is to simply make a copy of the original component unit, rename the unit and the com...



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