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Name: Peter Below  
Registered: Dec 16, 1999
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Re: Pointer Variables
Delphi » RTL, Apr 24, 2017
End; Do not use compiler-managed types in data structures you want to pass across module boundarie...
Re: What's the difference?
Delphi » Language » General, Apr 24, 2017
members be pointers as well? No, why do you expect that? It would only be pointers for a dynamic a...
Re: What's the difference?
Delphi » Language » General, Apr 23, 2017
WillNotCompile([0, 1, 2]); This fails because you cannot pass a static array to a parameter tha...
Re: How to Compact Forms into a Component or library
Delphi » Object-Oriented Design, Apr 17, 2017
It all depends on whether you want to be able to drop this "editor" onto a container and configure...
Re: Strange error "cannot find entry point pbkdf2 in ntlmshared.dll"
Delphi » Database » General, Apr 10, 2017
Mike Scan the network share and the local disk for copies of ntlmshared.dll. You may have sev...



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