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Frank Yingst
Name: Frank Yingst  
Registered: Jan 19, 2005
Total Posts: 159
Total Questions: 63 (27 unresolved)

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Call a function with a hex value - how might I do this?
Delphi » VCL » Using Components, Sep 2, 2017
Sample call keybd_event(VkKeyScan(x),0x9e,0 , 0); Attempted code based on what I could find with we...
Protocol field is empty
Delphi » FireMonkey, Aug 20, 2017
I get the error message when attempting to execute a rest request. I don't see any property called P...
Re: Where are .slip files imported from (click on import in license mgr)
Delphi » Installation, Aug 20, 2017
This has been fixed in the latest release.
Re: Show/Hide icons (or whatever they are called)
Delphi » Non-Technical, Aug 18, 2017
I did some sort of magical keystrokes to hide all my icons for the components. How do I undo it? C...
Re: view>LiveBindings Designer Missing
Delphi » FireMonkey, Aug 18, 2017
LiveBindings Designer


Recent Questions:
Installed 10.2 Godzilla (the newest one) and it does not recognize Android
Delphi » Installation, Aug 11, 2017
Android Target -- nothing listed there. Works fine with Berlin. I don't receive the usual Allow USB ...
Where are .slip files imported from (click on import in license mgr)
Delphi » Installation, May 29, 2017
I'm trying to figure out some installation problems, so would like to know from what directory I wou...
Compiler for personality "Delphi.Personality" and platform "Win32" missing
Delphi » Installation, May 19, 2017
What would be the cause of this problem after installing Godzilla on Windows 10?
Just installed 10.2 Delphi Professional today and its a no-go
Delphi » Installation, May 19, 2017
Every time I start it, it requests registration info. Every time I start it, it gets an access viol...
Can't load package ... DeviceManager240.bpl not found
Delphi » Installation, Sep 28, 2016
Attempting to install starter edition 10_1 Exception EPackageError in module rtl240.bpl at 0004F87A....

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