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Ross Tuck
Name: Ross Tuck  
Registered: Jun 2, 2012
Total Posts: 6

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Re: Orpheus, Abbrevia, Virtual Tree, SynEdit, LockBox, Async Professional and PowerPDF for CBuilder XE7
C++Builder » Third Party Tools, Oct 27, 2014
Hi Roman, Are the fully cross platform or just Windows VCL ? Ross
Re: How to draw line(s), arcs, rectangles, etc.
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Oct 25, 2014
DrawLine( TPointF( 1, 99) , TPointF( 50, 99) , 1.0); also if you draw a line up instead of down ...
Re: How to draw line(s), arcs, rectangles, etc
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Oct 25, 2014
DrawPolygon( MyPolygon , 100 ); // 100 #endif The DrawPolygon and DrawPath functions do not behav...
XE7 CBuilder FireMonkey DrawPolygon Issues
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Oct 19, 2014
DrawPolygon(MyPolygon, 100 ); should produce a lowered bevel. On Win32 I get a bevel that is an...
Re: TOpenDialog->Execute() does nothing in Android
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Oct 13, 2014
Oh. Well that's disappointing. Thank you Remy. So are there any other things like this that I ne...



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