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Eli M
Name: Eli M  
Registered: Nov 9, 2013
Total Posts: 1,211
Total Questions: 3 (3 unresolved)
Location SoCal
Homepage http://www.fmxexpress.com/

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Re: Remote Notifications for iOS and Android? We got an expert here?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 27, 2017
Push notifications are notoriously hard to wrap your brain around. A few different resources: http...
Re: Why Delphi Berlin Exec Error for Old(Made) Andoid Delphi Project
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 27, 2017
Delete the old AndroidManifest.template.xml file.
Re: Opengl & FMX
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 27, 2017
Eight 3D Demos Featuring Volume Rendering, Textures, Shaders, Materials, Polygons, And Models In Del...
Re: Upgraded to Tokyo revealed that Android is very problematic
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 26, 2017
Oddly I'm not seeing the problems on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone but I do see them on a Nexus 7 tablet...
Re: Tokyo Mobile Android / iOS issues with existing app
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 26, 2017
It is a native activity dialog which just works. In Chrome you just press Translate this page in th...


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LiveBinding A BiDirectional Link From A TFDMemTable To A TMemo And A TImage
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 2, 2017
Shouldn't I be able to bind a TMemo and a TImage to a TFDMemTable and it just automatically work lik...
Automatically Decode GZIP In TRESTResponse?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Oct 17, 2014
It doesn't seem possible to assign a compressor or intercept to the TRESTClient. If I set TRESTR...
Optimize FireDAC TFDMemTable For Low Memory Usage?
Delphi » Database » FireDAC, Mar 17, 2017
Any tips on optimizing TFDMemTable to use the least amount of memory? I have one main TFDMemTable...

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