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Roberto Della Pasqua
Name: Roberto Della Pasqua  
Registered: Apr 8, 2012
Total Posts: 56
Total Questions: 2 (2 unresolved)

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help java translate
Delphi » Platform Specific » Android, Apr 4, 2017
how to translate in delphi this sample code? import android.app.Activity; import android.app.admin....
Re: only 30% penalty?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 31, 2017
just with or without arc same code compiled and runned in the same pc (i7)
only 30% penalty?
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 31, 2017
L : TObjectList L := TObjectList end;
Re: FMX AndroidBrowser crash onmouseevents*
Delphi » FireMonkey, Mar 20, 2017
http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmsfmxpack.asp?s=fmxmisc THANKS, TMS works. FMX android wrapper a...
FMX twebbrowser crash
Delphi » Platform Specific » Android, Mar 20, 2017
hello, I'm testing latest delphi x android, putting a twebbrowser into the main form, and loading JS...


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isapi webbroker 64bit windows server 2016 nano IIS 10
Delphi » ISAPI and WebBroker, Jul 29, 2016
hello, I'm testing delphi isapi dll 64bit with server nano IIS 10, works ok until I put a fireda...
PDF to docx converter
Delphi » Non-Technical, Dec 25, 2016
hello, do you know a library to convert PDF to docx with high fidelity? thanks R.

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