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Jan Dijkstra
Name: Jan Dijkstra  
Registered: Nov 4, 1999
Total Posts: 206
Total Questions: 30 (29 unresolved)

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Re: Who mostly uses RAD Studio
C++Builder » C++ Language, Sep 17, 2017
In our company as well. Use of Borland tools goes all the way back to turbo pascal. I think I even h...
Re: XE8 Enterprise, #pragma startup weirdness
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jul 23, 2017
Alex Unfortunately, it's not relevant. My problem is not that the routines aren't called in the e...
Re: XE8 Enterprise, #pragma startup weirdness
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jul 21, 2017
It gets weirder still. After a lot of fooling around with the source files in the packages that con...
XE8 Enterprise, #pragma startup weirdness
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jul 20, 2017
I have made four packages. In three of these, I have an initialisation routine that I want to start ...
Re: Switching to clang -> IDE crashes
C++Builder » IDE, Jul 17, 2017
If your still getting crashes, remove all third party plugins. Test, if better start adding them b...


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XE8 : ambiguity riddle
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jan 7, 2016
I have a small struct, in which (amongst a lot of others) I have defined the following members and o...
XE8: code generator question (32 bits)
C++Builder » C++ Language, Nov 23, 2015
Currently, I have two little routines. {code} void __fastcall iSwap (__int64 &first, __int64 &se...
XE8: How to create a const & property ?
C++Builder » C++ Language, Nov 10, 2015
To briefly explain what I want, it's best to provide an except of my code. {code} class PACKAGE ...
Why does the use of the delete statement trigger an automatic catch frame?
C++Builder » C++ Language, Aug 5, 2015
Like subject states. I'm using compile-to-assembly to inspect (and optimise) the code that is gen...
XE8 Rad studio, difference between object x; and object x (); declarations
C++Builder » C++ Language, Jul 15, 2015
Hello, I've implemented a simple class, with a couple of constructors, like so {code} struct ...

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