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Eitan Arbel
Name: Eitan Arbel  
Registered: Feb 24, 2013
Total Posts: 469
Total Questions: 36 (18 unresolved)
Location israel

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some problems with BannerAd
Delphi » FireMonkey, Jan 21, 2018
hi in my main form i have a BannerAd that is aligned to the bottom. the BannerAd is set as : AdSize...
Re: Intraweb lock up issue
Delphi » Third Party Tools » IntraWeb, Jan 21, 2018
the PreventDoubleSubmission is for cases when you don't want the same data to be submitted twice. fo...
Re: Intraweb + Bootstrap
Delphi » Third Party Tools » IntraWeb, Jan 9, 2018
the way i see it - every new resource for intraweb is welcome :) Thank you Sergio !
Re: MailGun API Code?
Delphi » Third Party Tools » IntraWeb, Jan 9, 2018
that stupid embarcadero forum is going crazy again...
Re: MailGun API Code?
Delphi » Third Party Tools » IntraWeb, Jan 9, 2018
Hi Daniel i use it like it was just a regular SMTP server. i use only IdSMTP and IdMessage. i use ...


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no support for XML in Delphi Berlin REST Client
Delphi » Web Services, Oct 26, 2017
hi guys,. i'm a very long timer Delphi user, but i never needed to know about XML, JSON, REST and...
Firebird "Malformed string"
Delphi » Database » General, Feb 22, 2015
hi all,. i keep getting this "Malformed string" error. even when the Delphi is closed and i just...
need URGENT help with combining tables in SQL please
Delphi » Database » InterBase Express, Jan 12, 2015
hi all,. i have a very big problem creating the right SQL, and please i REALLY need help on this....
simple SQL COUNT doesn't work
Delphi » Database » InterBase Express, Jun 22, 2014
hi all i'm trying to make a simple COUNT in SQL, but i always get an exception. here is the prob...
getting input from HTML\Bootstrap ?
Delphi » Third Party Tools » IntraWeb, Jun 4, 2017
Hi guys i'm trying to "convert" most of my app to rely on Bootstrap templates. now i have a proble...

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