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Wayne Niddery
Name: Wayne Niddery  
Registered: Apr 14, 1998
Total Posts: 791
Location Richmond Hill, Ontario

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Re: A SetFocus Problem or otherwise??
Delphi » Language » General, Jul 8, 2015
way to proceed before I change some 800+ OnChange procedures. Remy has answered most of this. The...
Re: Float point problem ! Help ! :)
Delphi » Language » General, Feb 25, 2015
"Eduardo Elias" number) Without a format specification on the TField/Binding that is being displ...
Re: Optimizing code for performance randomizing pairs of entries
Delphi » Non-Technical, Feb 23, 2015
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28684853/improving-speed-with-randomizing-pairs-in-delphi I po...
Re: Float point problem ! Help ! :)
Delphi » Language » General, Feb 23, 2015
"Eduardo Elias" On my host computer 1 = 1 even on doubles, extended, etc. Something else is happe...
Re: DrawText arguments question
Delphi » Language » General, Feb 23, 2015
"Papas Jim" what's wrong, please ? The Rect parameter cannot be a constant, put it in a local var...



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