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Antonio Estevez
Name: Antonio Estevez  
Registered: Apr 12, 2000
Total Posts: 635

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Re: TRegGex [Edit]
C++Builder » VCL » Using Components, Feb 15, 2018
#include #include #include #include Add the following line: #include TForm4::ReplaceCC...
Re: Pass values to a form??
Delphi » Language » General, Feb 12, 2018
Try this: interface ... type TMyData = record Value: Integer; Name: String; end; ...
Re: Copy Component and sync.
C++Builder » FireMonkey, Feb 11, 2018
Re: Encrypting and Dycrypting string using SHA-512 function (C++) [Edit]
C++Builder » C++ Language, Feb 10, 2018
You can't. Like any other function that calculates a hash value the algorithm works in one direct...
Re: dynamic XMLDocument
C++Builder » XML, Feb 8, 2018
const _di_IXMLDocument document = interface_cast Try this: #include FindNode(_D("Settings"))...



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