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Antonio Estevez
Name: Antonio Estevez  
Registered: Apr 12, 2000
Total Posts: 603

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Re: Couldn't use LoadFromStream inside Indy OnGetCommand? [Edit]
Delphi » Winsock, Nov 15, 2017
lavaXML.LoadFromStream(strm); // You are calling LoadFromStream from an uninitialized object: ...
Re: Upcoming RAD Studio release date?
Delphi » Non-Technical, Nov 15, 2017
Probably between March and April 2018. Before will be released the Tokyo Update 2 (probably on Dec...
Re: Trying to install RAD Studio 2007 but getting only Delphi 2007...
Delphi » IDE, Nov 1, 2017
There is a trick to enter more than one serial number in the installer so you do not have to use t...
Re: TImage assign issue
Delphi » VCL » Writing Components, Oct 18, 2017
Try this: Image2.Picture:= Image1.Picture;
Re: Where to place a change-log file, and how to update it [Edit]
Delphi » Platform Specific » Android, Oct 14, 2017
2.- startupcopy only copy the files during installation of the new version, or every time the app ...



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