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Thread: exception mixing VCL and DLL in c++11

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Martin Stratmann

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Registered: 5/26/00
exception mixing VCL and DLL in c++11  
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  Posted: Apr 2, 2017 6:49 AM
I get an exception when I mixing VCL and DLL in CLang-Compiler bcc32c in RAD Studio Tokyo 10.2

On my MainForm::ButtonClick I do the following:
void __fastcall TForm1::ButtonClick(TObject *Sender)
	std::vector<int> v;
        // ...

In my DLL, I do the following:
#include <vector>
extern "C" int _libmain(unsigned long reason)
	return 1;
void __export dll_vector(std::vector<int>& v)

The second click on Button throws the exception:
$C0000005 'access violation at 0x50039f41: write of address 0x00000001'. Prozess cpp11.exe (9204)

The last stack trace is
void deallocate(pointer _Ptr, size_type _Count)
{	// deallocate object at _Ptr
	_Deallocate(_Ptr, _Count);

in xmemory0

In my DLL-Project, I've include the library usebormm.lib from RAD Studio \lib\win32c\debug\usebormm.lib

Is it not impossible to mix VCL with DLL in bcc32c-Compiler?


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