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Thread: Datasnap Authentication

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Clement Doss

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Datasnap Authentication  
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  Posted: Mar 13, 2017 3:34 PM

Is there a forum for Datasnap questions? I will try this one.

I want to Authenticate a user, and from what I saw, datasnap wizard creates a ServerContainer with aDSAuthenticationManager.
There's an event that get's triggered :

  lToken : String;
  Valid := False;
  { TODO : Validate the client user and password.
    If role-based authorization is needed, add role names to the UserRoles parameter  }
  valid := lCheckUser.UserAuthenticate(User,Password, lToken);

What I need to do is to return 'lToken' instead of 'valid' . lToken will be a unique value the client must use in every request made for as long as the token is valid. Should I be using DSAuthentication for this? Is there an already made Datasnapy solution, or should I write my own authentication mechanism?
Is there a demo or code sample that helps me? (youtube link would be fine too). Please do not post links where the author hard codes user and password in DSAuthentication event.

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