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Thread: No .rc file in External Translation Manager?

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Geoff Von Allmen

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Registered: 4/17/16
No .rc file in External Translation Manager?  
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  Posted: Sep 22, 2016 10:57 AM
When trying to get the External Translation Manager setup for our translator to use, I've run into a few issues:

1. When I load the project and click the Workspace tab, I get the following error: `Cannot open file: ETM\CHS\vcl\DBLOGDLG.dfn``

Both DBLOGDLG.dfm and DBWDLG.dfm are missing when you add a language to your project and must be copied over manually from Rad Studio\8.0\source\db into the CHS\vcl folder. I cannot, however, find any associated .dfn files so not sure what to do about these (or if it matters?).

2. I've got a bunch of non-form resourcestring's defined in a .lib file. These appear in the MainProject_DRC.rc file. I can see, open, and translate this file in the Internal Translation Manager, however, despite the file showing up in the Files tab of the ETM, when you click on the workspace it will only show the forms (dfm/dfn?) files.

Does anyone know if the ETM is supposed to support translating .rc files?

Many Thanks -
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