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Thread: StyleManager causing proglems with FormStyle and Left/Top of a dialog

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Kenneth Czepelka

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StyleManager causing proglems with FormStyle and Left/Top of a dialog  
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  Posted: Aug 1, 2016 1:18 PM
I have a dialog that I have set with a formstyle of fsStayOnTop and in this dialog I have the ability to load a new Style and also to open a OpenFile form from this dialog with a button. If the form style is set to Windows then when I open the file form it goes over the dialog which is how it should be. But if I select a new style (which changes immediately while the dialog is still open) and I then open the OpenFile form the dialog stays on top (although it does not have focus) and the open file form stays below it even with focus. However, if I then close the dialog and open the dialog again then do an openfile, the openfile dialog is now on top. This problem disappears altogether if I go back to the Windows style.

Also if I start the program which loads a Style from the registry, when I open the above stated form (or any other form), the form opens in the top left corner of the screen as if the Top/Left properties are reset to 0 even though they are statically set to something other than 0. I can solve this by setting Top and Left in the ShowXxxx routine of the dialog so this problem isn't as big a deal as the problem above, but what am I doing wrong? Thanks

This is a VCL form under XE5.

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