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Thread: Android notifications

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Marco Cirinei

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Registered: 12/28/99
Android notifications
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  Posted: May 15, 2016 2:35 AM
Hi All.

I'm just releasing an Android App that makes use of push notifications.
I'm using PushWoosh service , with JVE component suite for Delphi.

The problem I'm experiencing is that many (not a negligible number) of messages that PushWoosh service flags with "success" are not really delivered to the target android devices. To be more precise: If I send a message to an App with X "healthy" installations, and PushWoosh reports to me that all pushes are successfully sent (delivered? not clear what PW service means with "success"), not all of those messages really pop up in the users devices.

Aside a bug on my code (but which Delphi bug could prevent a text message to reach some devices, once accepted by a service like PushWoosh?), someone could explain (or point me to some web resource for this) the real "path" for an android mobile message, and so the realiability of the whole GCM infrastructure when we talk about the delivery of a message to a bunch of devices?

Incidentally: any alternative BAAS service that you use and could recommend?

Thanks for you help.

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