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Thread: Project Options Use question

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John Hobbie

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Project Options Use question  
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  Posted: Dec 26, 2015 8:02 PM
I have used many incarnations of C++ Builder, and until Seattle 10, as a rule you didn't have to mess with project options for simple applications. When a new version of C++ Builder was installed, the install wizard set up some kind of template that included all the necessary paths for the compiler and linker to find things. Not so with Seattle 10. My main beef is with the "Include path." It must be set up each time, and simple groups like the rtl, sdk, vcl, and crtl must be hand entered each time. The environmental path to the include directory is defined -- $(BDSINCLUDE) -- so the installer found that ok, but the paths to the subdirectories, such as windows/rtl have to be manually entered.

Is this because the compiler has to compile different versions of the include files for the different operating systems, like android vs windows, etc?

Is there a template somewhere that configures and populates the Project Options selections, and could one make several versions such as one for windows, one for android and one for ios, then when you were principally working in one system, that version would be the default configuration?

If that is possible, where is the template located and what is it called?

Thanks for your advice.


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