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Thread: D10 FMX ECannotFindSuitablePixelFormat for Android

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Peter Guth

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Registered: 2/11/05
D10 FMX ECannotFindSuitablePixelFormat for Android  
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  Posted: Sep 10, 2015 5:23 PM

I am getting this error message, "Cannot find a suitable pixel format for "TTexture'" in FMX D10. The exact same code compiles and runs in XE8. The Windows version runs in D10.

The error happens after my initialization code, and the call stack is entirely in FMX , Android, and System units. If I try to trace into the code, I wind up in all binary code. I don't think anything should be happening at that point, although the graphic produced does not appear on screen.

Any ideas what could have changed from XE8 to D10?

The program is about 70,000 lines of code, so it's non-trivial to try to reduce it find out exactly what is causing the problem.
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