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Thread: Manipulation of SVG Dom, new object not visible

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Andre Engelshove

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Registered: 7/10/14
Manipulation of SVG Dom, new object not visible  
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  Posted: Mar 17, 2015 6:58 AM

I try to insert a new rect into a svg using the TWebBrowser: (SvgDoc = ISVGDocument)

procedure MakeTextBox(textElement: ISvgTextContentElement);
    doc: IHTMLDocument7;
    newHtmlElement: IHTMLElement;
    parentNode: IHTMLElement;
    parentNodeNode: IHTMLDOMNode;
    oldHtmlNode: IHTMLDOMNode;
    newHtmlNode: IHTMLDOMNode;
    textHtmlElement: IHtmlElement;
    SvgDoc.QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLDocument7, doc);
    NS := '';
    newHtmlElement := doc.createElementNS(NS, 'rect');
    setAttributeNS(newHtmlElement, cSVGstroke, ColorToSvgColor(clBlue));
    setAttributeNS(newHtmlElement, cSVGfill, ColorToSvgColor(clBlue));
    setAttributeNS(newHtmlElement, 'x', 10);
    setAttributeNS(newHtmlElement, 'y', 10);
    setAttributeNS(newHtmlElement, 'width', 50);
    setAttributeNS(newHtmlElement, 'height', 50);
    newHtmlElement.QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLDOMNode, newHtmlNode);
    textElement.QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLElement, textHtmlElement);
    parentNode := textHtmlElement.parentElement;
    parentNode.QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLDOMNode, parentNodeNode);
    textElement.QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLDOMNode, oldHtmlNode);
// parentNodeNode.removeChild(oldHtmlNode);
// parentNodeNode.appendChild(newHtmlNode);
// parentNodeNode.insertBefore(newHtmlNode, oldHtmlNode);
    newHtmlNode := parentNodeNode.replaceChild(newHtmlNode, oldHtmlNode);

The new object is not visible, except I save and reload the svg. Does anybody know what I do wrong?

Best regards

André Engelshove
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