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Thread: Internal Server Error using Indy with Datasnap

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Jason Sweby

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Internal Server Error using Indy with Datasnap  
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  Posted: Feb 12, 2015 7:52 AM
I have set up a very basic DataSnap Server Application (Delphi XE3), containing the 2 sample methods, EchoString and ReverseString. I have added authentication so that only if the user calling the method is called "standard", they have access to the ReverseString method.

  procedure TServerContainer1.DSAuthenticationManager1UserAuthenticate(
    Sender: TObject; const Protocol, Context, User, Password: string;
    var valid: Boolean; UserRoles: TStrings);
    valid := (User <> '');
    if (SameText(User, 'standard') = True) then
    TServerMethods1 = class(TDSServerModule)
      { Private declarations }
      { Public declarations }
      function EchoString(Value: string): string;
      function ReverseString(Value: string): string;

If I call this method from a browser directly, e.g.


then I get the expected response (after the browser's default login prompt, in which I enter an invalid user, e.g. Jason):

{"error":"jason is not authorized to perform the requested action."}

However, if I call it from a Delphi client application using Indy (TIdHTTP):

    IdHTTP1.Request.BasicAuthentication := True;
    IdHTTP1.Request.Username := 'jason';
    IdHTTP1.Request.Password := 'jason';
    Label2.Caption := IdHTTP1.Get('http://localhost:8080/datasnap/rest/TServerMethods1/ReverseString/TestFromDelphi');

I get this response:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

How can I avoid the error and receive the same RESTful response that I got in the browser?
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