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Thread: Need help with ISAPI and SOAP

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Delbert Murray

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Need help with ISAPI and SOAP  
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  Posted: Jan 13, 2015 12:21 PM
I have an ISAPI program, Delphi XE7 that needs to use SOAP to talk to Stamps.Com. I imported the WSDL and let it build its thing and incorporated it into my project. HOWEVER, the docs on how to use the Webservices included with XE7 are not too cool. THTTPRIO seems to be the way to go and it appears it is used to connect, send and receive soap messages.
However, what would then be the function or role of THTTPReqResp or THTTPSoapConnection ? Are they needed with THTTPRIO. I managed to set the messages to authenticate correctly (I think) but my call to HTTPRIO fails with this ...

"Invalid SOAP message due to XML Schema validation failure. If the 'nillable' attribute is false in the schema, the 'xsi:nil' attribute must not be present in the instance. "

I don't know if that is coming from the Webservices code in Delphi or if its returned from yet. The OnBeforeExecut and OnAfterExecute events don't fire in HTTPRio so I assume no connection was made and the webservice code didn't even get that far because the WSDL import may have something wrong with it.

If anyone can get me started in the right direction or tell me what the best structure for a SOAP CLIENT application is, I'd appreciate it. There are lots of examples for Servers but that's not my need. I need the client side and it has to run inside my Webbroker Isapi.

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