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Thread: Compiler not responding anymore - XE4 BCB

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Colin Maharaj

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Registered: 3/19/09
Compiler not responding anymore - XE4 BCB
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  Posted: Jun 29, 2014 2:20 AM
Here are the steps to reproduce error.

1. Create a new project save, compile, ensure it runs

2. Add a new form, do NOT save it

3. Makes changes e.g. add a button and add a handler for it
like a show message thing all the while NOT saving it.

4. Do NOT save and hit ALT+F9 to compile unit.

5. You will be prompted to save, do so with a different name from Unit2 or whatever the default is.

The compile never kicks in

6. Try to compile the main form (or same new form again) using Alt+F9

Note that the compiler never kicks in also.

A restart of the project (close XE4 and restart XE4) is required.

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