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Thread: TVertScrollbox not Scroll after Change Parent

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Markus Keller

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Registered: 6/2/03
TVertScrollbox not Scroll after Change Parent
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  Posted: Jun 13, 2014 12:19 AM

I have a problem with TVertScrollbox and IOS after a Parentchange.

I have a TForm with a TLayout and a TVertscrollbox is placed on this TLayout.
During runtime, multiple TLabel and TRect add to the TVertscrollbox.

When I put the parent of the TLayout on another form during runtime,
then, the Scrollgesture function is correct, as the start touch in terms of the TVertScrollbox, which is not occupied. When the starttouch from the gesture on a TRect or TLabel scrolling not works.
Display the TVertScrollbox without change parent, the Scrollgesture works perfect.

Under Android the scrolling works perfect.

Regards Markus

delphi xe5 Update 2
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