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Announcement: ***Support & Maintenance explained (a little)***

Announcement: ***Support & Maintenance explained (a little)***
Posted By: John Frazier
Created in: Forum: Non-Technical
Posted: May 1, 2014 2:03 PM
[I am locking this as wrote as a PSA (public service announcement) so the masses might see some "tips". Also I rarely have time to hang out here.]

Many users get confused about Support & Maintenance and delivered licenses. I started replying to somebody here and felt everybody could stand a little education to help avoid future confusion.

The complaints are usually "my new product isn't showing up in EDN registered users area, where is it?

So when you have Support & Maintenance (incorrectly referred to as 'SA' all over the place) you get 2 things:

1) A generated username and password to access the support portal at so you may create support cases.
2) A generated username and password to the Maintenance Portal at

Very often these e-mails with this vital information get trapped in a spam filter so be sure to look there FIRST.

Also, your name and e-mail may not be the name and e-mail of the primary purchasing person at your company. Be sure to check with their e-mail and spam filter SECOND.

The biggest mistakes I hear a lot from people and just had 2 calls in last 24 hours on A2 alone.
~~I bought new product with Support & Maintenance and do not see my new product under Member Services in "My Registered Products"

A1) You are logged in as the wrong EDN user. This is by far the #1 case reported here. People are so sure they KNOW their EDN user name and they are almost always wrong by the time they get to us. The #1 reaction when I tell folks what the real EDN username is "Ooooooh that one" :)

A2) The product isn't actually REGISTERED. The word "registered" is past tense and products only show up there once you have claimed serial number from Maintenance Portal and registered them.

A3) A lot of times people try to register "upgrade" SKUs and get failures. It is because we cannot find that user's registration history. So this comes down to the same answer as A1. Pay close attention the correct EDN account, commit it to memory, write it down, keep with your serial numbers, whatever. Just don't create multiple EDN accounts like a new one thinking it will magically fix, it does not.

A4) Either your purchase was too close to the time when we send out maintenance notifications (something that gets automatically corrected upon next product release), or something went wrong in our system with a glitch or human mistake. In either scenario you will need to create a support case and we can assist in getting you current product you paid for. In the grand scheme of things it is fairly rare these are the case.

TIP: EDN has a concept of a username and an e-mail address. While we allow you to use either to log in, always opt to log in or register using the login name. We used to allow multiple accounts with the same e-mail address in our system so using the e-mail address may result in an ambiguity and selecting the incorrect EDN account. That said, you may have chosen you use your e-mail address AS the username as well. If this is the case, make sure you stick the e-mail address in the username field where applicable for best chance of success.

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